#CH2022 Summary

The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel – 18/19/20 November 2022, Texel, The Netherlands

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The average #CH2022 attendee experience score on a 1 (awful) to 5 (awesome) scale was 4.79!
Our #CH2023 Net Promotor Score Score is +87 (above 20 is great and above 50 is amazing)

Next event: #CH2022 on 18/19/20 Nov. 2023 – Texel, the Netherlands

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#CH2022 Speakers
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#CH2022 Testimonials

CRO/UX Specialist

Conversion Hotel is an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people and expand your horizon. The balance between knowledge and fun is perfect. You will come back from Texel feeling inspired and with some amazing memories.

Conversion Manager

THE experimentation event I’m looking forward to in a year. Seriously feels like a family coming together. Great content, great people, great location – definitely will be back!

Online Marketer

Everything I read about CH is true. It is even better. I learned a lot from the keynotes and the attendees. It was like going on a camp with your classmates and learn a lot along the way. It exceeded al my expectations and I will definitely be the first to register for CH next year!


This event always delivers great content that everyone can take something away from, no matter how long you’ve been in the industry.

UX / CRO Specialist

What a weekend, what an energy together with like-minded in CRO business. Wouldn’t want to have missed any of this.

SEA Specialist

A conference where togetherness prevails. You learn an awful lot about CRO but at the same time can build a network with like-minded professionals.

CRO Consultant

First time going to Conversion Hotel and absolutely loved it. Will be there next year!

Optimization Director

By far the best CRO conference in the world, if not the best conference at all.

Growth Marketing Consultant

Put 200+ marketing nerds in a hotel on the island of Texel for a weekend and magic will happen. See it to believe it.

User Research Specialist

No other CRO event quite pulls off that perfect mix of top keynotes, interesting unconference sessions and just fun fun fun. 🥳

Innovation manager

An abundance of great conversations. Refreshingly different from most of the events in the industy!

E-commerce manager

Best conference of the year!! Could not have gone better. Highly recommend.

E-commerce funnel expert

The best cro event on the planet. Period!

UX lead

You did it again! Great job in organizing such a high quality and exclusive event!


The best marketing event in the world.

Finally, we could run a “normal” conference format again. After the 2019 redesign of Conversion Hotel to The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel, this was the first edition where we could optimize that new design: a themed focus on connections and conversations. I adore how it evolved beyond my expectations.

We started optimizing again for our 10th-year celebration edition on November 17/18/19, 2023. Thank you attendees; thank you team captains; thank you speakers; thank your partners, and thank you crew. #CH2022 was a fantastic weekend and one of my all-time favorites!

Ton Wesseling – Founder & Host of Conversion Hotel

#CH2022 Memories