Keynote: The Artificial User – A future scenario for CRO?

18 Nov 2022
16:05 - 16:35
Keynote Room

Keynote: The Artificial User – A future scenario for CRO?

Steen Rasmussen – Co-Founder & Director of Analysis @ IIH Nordic

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Lars – Head of UX, feedback through our #CH2022 attendee survey:

Good talk opening the mind / stimulating creative thinking.



This is the link to the live notes of Steen his talk

Questions asked by attendees through our #CH2022 app:

  • What about ServerSide tracking to bypass adblockers and ITP?
  • How do you think qualitative research will be impacted by these changes in the future?
  • So should we clean up our data to have the right amount of data in every segment – but how do we know which segment is loosing how much data?
  • How will the machine learning be taught user behaviour aka how to handle the training sets for changing user behaviour BC external factors like recession, or other changing external factors?
  • How can we trust probabilistic data?
  • How can we make sure the segments we would build right now, will be applicable in the future, when we could have no access to the necessary data anymore? Context etc will shift over time, don’t they?
  • Ai is trained based upon historical data, while testing is most often done with new ideas/hypothesis, would we ever be able to trust testing based upon AI, until we have a perfect humanoid?
  • So basically only big tech will have all the segments (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Meta, TikTok), will they be providing these training sets?
  • Any artificial user would be trained on historic data. How would you gain additional information from an artificial user that’s not in that training data?
  • Isn’t that dream scenario of personalisation in conflict with privacy?

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