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12 hours of content, 12 hours of sleep and 24 hours of socializing with even more like minded people!

For the 5th year in a row organizes, again with great help of Online Dialogue, the famous 48 hour festival and social gathering on online optimization at the beautiful island of Texel in the Netherlands.

  • Starting: Friday November 16th 2018 (13:00 – hotel check-in)
  • Finished: Sunday November 18th 2018 (13:00 – event end)

Topics: Maturity, Team, Efficiency, Effectivity, Design, Copy, Data and Psychology

Conversion Hotel is a fully English spoken conference. The last 4 years we’ve had attendees from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Turkey, USA and even India. Until now, every edition of the conference was sold out! For the upcoming fifth edition, we have a max. of 440 attendees (including speakers and organization).

On behalf of the #CH2018 team,
Roy Schieving, Ton Wesseling and Nienke van der Sar

Questions: Mail us at – Call: +3130-700-9779


All keynote speakers announced, we will still add some evening entertainment acts and workshop teachers!

Annemarie Steen (NL)

Improving performance playfully

Michael Aagaard (DK)

Confirmation Bias

Lizzie Eardley (UK)

Data scientist, Skyscanner

Aleksander Fabijan (SLO)

PHD researcher, Malmö University

Chad Sanderson (USA)

Experimentation Manager at Sephora

Lea Pica (USA)

Let your insights have a bigger impact

Karl Gilis (BE)

Put your users first

You? (Worldwide)

Unconference speaker

Margriet Sitskoorn (NL)

Cognitive Neuropsychology professor

TU Delft Solar team (NL)

How their team won gold again!

Greg Shapiro (USA / NL)

Comedian. American. Dutchman.

Waldorf & Statler (USA)

Justin Rondeau & Alex Birkett

Lisa Pierson (CA)

The Conversion Copywriter

Erin Weigel (USA)

Principal Designer,

Nir Eyal (ISR)

Author of "Hooked"

Ton Wesseling (NL)

Validation in every Organization

This year we will have 10 workshops on Saturday, these will be given by some of the speakers above,
but we also have an extra line-up of Conversion Optimization heroes that will share their knowledge with you:

Craig Sullivan – UK and Charles Meaden – UK (Analytics)
Abi Hough – UK (device testing / QA)
Thomas Tonder – FR (Data driven experiences)
Pavel Dmitriev – USA (joining Aleksander Fabijan on his Experimentation Growth model workshop)

And of course the Online Dialogue team will take live notes and we have Tom van Dun as our sketchnote artist.

On Friday we will be entertained by the “Dames draaien door” and will #enjoy #CH2014 star Hans Glandorf do a small and fun tasting of the lovely local Texel beers. On Saturday our evening music will be stand-up pop by “De Coronas” – this band knows 5000 songs and with there app or open mic you can also set the music for the evening!


Detailed schedule will be announced really soon (Friday 13:00 to Sunday 13:00)

Main elements:

7 keynotes on Friday & social time + DJ
10 workshops, 30 unconference sessions and 3 keynotes on Saturday + party / live band
4 keynotes on Sunday


Sales of final tickets will open on October 11th 16:00 CEST (Amsterdam time) and stay open until all the ticket for #CH2018 are sold out!
2 Tickets – 2 person hotel room
1,350.00 EUR (Ex. BTW)

3 days of optimization knowledge

2 tickets to the conference

2 nights in 1 hotelroom with 2 single beds

Stay at a dedicated conference hotel

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included

Final tickets are on sale now, only a couple of rooms still available

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1 Ticket – 1 person hotel room
950.00 EUR (Ex. BTW)

3 days of optimization knowledge

1 ticket to the conference

2 nights in a hotelroom with one double bed

Stay at a dedicated conference hotel

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included

Final tickets are on sale now, only a couple of rooms still available

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It’s going to be an amazing weekend with specialists from great companies like:
Bol, Wehkamp, KPN, ING, Bijenkorf, Booking and Travix and all the major CRO agencies from our little Dutch country.

But our crowd is not only Dutch! We will have over 100 enthusiastic CRO and UX experts from countries like:
the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Canada, South Africa, India and even Australia!


See our video summaries of the 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014 event. #Enjoy!

Partners 2018

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How to get to the conference?

Route to Texel

Texel is an island, so you have to take the boat (with or without your car). The boat leaves from Den Helder. All ferry times and rates can be found at: If you take your car on the ferry (like most people do): the main conference hotel has free parking space!

I arrived at Texel without a car!

When you arrive at Texel, you can take a cab to the hotel or bus 28 and leave the bus at the stop called ‘Dorpsstraat’ in ‘De Koog’ (which is nearby the conference hotel(s)).

Route from airport

If you arrive at Amsterdam airport, you’ll need to take the train to Den Helder. From there you have to take the ferry to Texel. See “route to Texel” and “I arrived at Texel without a car!”.

FAQ & Answers

What is the exact location of the conference & hotels?

The conference will be held at Grand Hotel OpDuin, Ruijslaan 22, De Koog, Texel. This hotel is fully booked for the conference and this is where we will have the main keynotes, the unconference sessions and the parties.

We also fully booked the Greenside hotel, Tesselhof hotel, De Cooghen Hotel and Strandplevier appartments, which are all within a 5 minute walk from the conference.

All hotels are very nice and have great rooms where we will organize most of the workshops on Saturday. This is also where you will have your breakfast (besides Strandplevier, they will have breakfast in OpDuin).

Why can't I choose which hotel I'm staying in?

This year we reserved the main hotel for former Conversion Hotel attendees. They received a seperate order link to claim those tickets. All other hotels (Greenside, Tesselhof, Strandplevier and De Cooghen) are good quality and on walking distance from the conference. It’s easier for us if we are able to schedule which hotel & room you are in for this 5th year anniversary. We will make sure that people from the same company are staying in the same hotel!

Is it difficult to come to Texel?

No, it isn’t. There are ferries going from Den Helder to Texel. Den Helder can be reached by public transport (train) very easily. All ferry times and rates can be found at:

What room will I get when I pay for my 'own room'?

You will get a hotel room with a 2-person bed for yourself.

What room will I get when I pay for a room for 2 persons?

You will get a 2 person room with two single beds.

Maximum number of rooms per company

Since Conversion Hotel is all about sharing knowledge and learning from each other, we want our audience to be as diverse as possible. Therefore we handle a maximum of 3 rooms per company.

Is it possible to sponsor this event?

Please send us an email: to get more information about sponsorships.

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Questions: Mail us at – Call: +3130-700-9779