The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel, 2019 edition

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Thank you, #CH2019 was a wonderful experience!

After our big 5th year celebration at #CH2018 I started reconsidering the conference and all the effort we are investing to make it happen every year. I had to uncover the Why again and while mirroring with our passionate attendees I re-learned that they are the energy of this conference. Yes there shall be great content, yes there shall be time to have fun, but yes I should worry about the diversity, the knowledge level and the Why of the attendees. Quality over quantity! This is how we kick started a new cycle of 5 more years of this conference.

We optimized the amount of keynotes, the breaks, the break-out sessions, the way we select speakers and topics, the way we sell tickets and we gave more time and space to the attendees and even changed the name and visual design of the conference. Based on the attendee feedback this was a successful redesign (yes they do exist!), which makes me very happy. Over the past months I was asked a lot why I wanted to make such big changes to an already really successful conference….

Over the years I’ve learned that optimizing in small incremental steps is a really valuable thing, but I also learned that you have to keep on looking to the big picture and if you don’t feel at ease, gather even more evidence and take a bigger step!

Thank you everyone for being part of this conference,

Ton Wesseling – Founder and host of #CH2019

PS: #CH2020 will be on November 20-21-22, 2020


The average #CH2019 experience score
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was 4.71!

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The social time and break-out sessions with the attendees are a real golden nugget of this event. This is something which is hard to summarize without attending – but one of the #CH2019 attendees did a great job: please read his “Highlights from the conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel” post.

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The average #CH2019 experience score on a 1 to 5 scale was 4.71!
Our #CH2019 Net Promotor Score was +70



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