#CH2023 Summary

The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel – 17/18/19 November 2023, Texel, The Netherlands

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#CH2023 – The Video

The average #CH2023 attendee experience score on a 1 (awful) to 5 (awesome) scale was 4.96!
Our #CH2023 Net Promotor Score Score is +97 (above 20 is great and above 50 is amazing)

#CH2023 – The Album by Baldower

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#CH2023 – The Speakers
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#CH2023 – The Testimonials


Still the best conference in our field. Amazing bunch of people with a high level of knowledge together for 3 days. Nothing beats that!

Lead Insight Analyst

Fantastic event with great speakers and plenty opportunities to meet new people and have interesting conversations. You come out inspired and with new friends.

SEO Specialist

I have attended numerous events, but none came close to #CH2023. The setting, the people, the knowledge… I felt fortunate to have attended this event.

Growth Consultant

I keep going back to Conversion Hotel again and again, and love it each time. The event is constantly evolving, the speakers and attendees are incredible. I always leave full of energy and excitement.

Founder and Lead Consultant

Best conference in the world.

Lead Conversion Specialist

By far the best event in the experimentation industry.

Conversion Optimization Consultant

The presentations and sessions are awesome, but the best part about Conversion Hotel is the amazing atmosphere they are able to create. Everyone is so open, fun and knowledgeable, you can have great conversations with anyone.

Product Manager

The event was fantastic! The lineup of specialists offered surprising insights and practical tips. The speakers shared valuable strategies that are immediately applicable. The whole atmosphere was inspiring. A must-attend event.

SEO Researcher

CH2023 was the best conference I have ever attended. The level of knowledge present and shared there is of a unique caliber. No pretensions, and all united in one common goal: advancing our field.

UX & CRO Specialist

CH2023: uncomparable to any other event. The way in which speakers and attendees can share their knowledge and have fun is priceless. Everyone can create their session and everyone can give input. Simply great.


It was a great experience! Lot’s of interesting speakers, great atmosphere and very nice conversations.

Customer Experience Consultant

This was the most fun, informative and weirdest convention I have ever visited! What a great organization and group of warm people. I had high expectations but reality was even better. Hope to attend many more in the future ❤️

Customer Journey Expert

There is no other conference where you feel this safe to learn and share your experiences with others. Both times I attended, I left with a notebook full of ideas to implement and test.

User Research Evangelist

The best event on experimentation and optimization on all of the Dutch islands and even the world. Learning, sharing, fun.

Senior Consultant

If you could go to one event only, then The Conference formerly know as Conversion Hotel is the one you need to get tickets for. It’s jam-packed with great content, amazing interactions with the other attendees and a truly inspiring event that will charge your batteries for the rest of the year.

Senior CRO Specialist

By far the best event out there, combining high quality content with loads of fun, meeting new people, and seeing old friends. Attended five times now and the event is still getting better every year!

Director of Product

Best. Event. Ever.

CRO Consultant

It was my second time at Conversion Hotel and it exceeded my expectations in every way. Thank you, Ton and the crew, for an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait till next year!

Celebrating a Decade of Conversion Hotel.

This year marks a significant milestone for me at Conversion Hotel as we celebrated our 10th edition. Reflecting on this journey, I am filled with pride and gratitude.

It started in 2014 with just 90 attendees, growing to 380 by 2018. We liked that growth because of the richer experiences we could offer with more money coming into the event. However, with growth came a realization – the intimacy and quality of interactions, which, to me, are the soul of live events, were diminishing.

Faced with the question of stopping or redesigning, I chose transformation. In 2019 The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel was born. It shifted the focus to more intimate discussion sessions and allowed more social time. The goal is to optimize for quality interactions and meaningful connections.

A resoundingly successful event this year. I witnessed solid inspirational thoughts and deep emotional connections shared among attendees. We truly connected on the Texel Island. This evolution from a small multi-festival idea to what it is today, is the true gold of this event.

As an optimizer, I will deconstruct this year’s success and ponder bold decisions for the future. While we might be at a local maximum, the quest for the global maximum is on. This means exploring new possibilities and rethinking the event once again. In 2019, I committed to 5 more years; let’s see if the rethinking leads to something I can put my energy into again.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in the Conversion Hotel journey. Hosting you this weekend or in earlier years has been an honor. Cheers to meaningful connections and continuous growth.

Ton Wesseling – Founder & Host of Conversion Hotel

#CH2023 – The Memories