Keynote: Finally on stage, sharing some lessons

17 Nov 2023
16:03 - 16:33
Keynote Room

Keynote: Finally on stage, sharing some lessons

Tim Stewart – Digital Consultant – Representing #CH2022

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From the #CH2023 Album by Baldower

Jasjeet – digital agency COO, feedback through our #CH2023 attendee survey:

You can sense that Tim will not rest until he proves he is the smartest in the room. PUKKA MUKKA is a very hard term to forget once you have seen Tims presentation. This was a real eye opener, why are we not using PUKKA MUKKA everywhere…



This is the link to the live notes of Tim his talk

Questions asked by attendees through our #CH2023 app:

  • Why do the Dutch not need more of the beige deep fried stuff?
  • Is it the same as macca pacca
  • Can you describe a common pitfall in the approach you described? (a.k.a. an embarrassing example)
  • How does the framework work in a competitive situation where there are multiple players sellong the same thing?
  • What if all good, everyone is existed, and then the price comes…
  • So how to deal with (and recognize) people who try to let you down gently?
  • Can you give some good online / digital pcmc examples?
  • That’s a lot of things to take in. How/where do we best start?
  • What if these techniques still give me the ick?
  • So what if there is a match but you see that they might not be an excellent cliënt or feel this might be a toxic cliënt but in closing your getting yes and you’re closing?
  • Why not call PPPPPP ‘Puppy puppy’s?

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