Keynote from our keynote pitch winner!

19 Nov 2022
21:00 - 21:30
Keynote Room

Keynote from our keynote pitch winner!

Michelle Ernst – Senior Consultant @ Clickvalue

1 minute video preview

Simone – Front-end developer, feedback through our #CH2022 attendee survey:

I liked her slides, a lot of visuals! And her humbleness, clear story and really focussed on how others can benefit from her experience.



This is the link to the live notes of Michelle her talk

Questions asked by attendees through our #CH2022 app:

  • You nailed it. Well done!!
  • Not a question but just want to praise you for the guts you have shown to be there and share your ideas in the big room. Cheers!
  • Yes, OPMs need to be great project managers. But what about their social skills? Are they managing tasks or people?
  • How do you ensure that prioritisation is srtictly subjective? How do you manage hippos with strong oponions on prioritisation?
  • Well done, great presentation! If you could change one thing in a chaotic team in order to restore productivity, what would it be?
  • Who of the team is involved in the prioritising process
  • How do you deal with lower scored items in the backlog being there forever with this ice model?
  • How to deal with stakeholder not agreeing with the prio scoring of the test ideas? Who’s say is “final”?
  • Your slides look beautiful 🤟
  • How do you apply the ICE framework to a tests roadmap in terms of Ease, does it solely depend on the development hours, or do you also take into account other factors like measurements, timing etc?
  • How would you approach this in a smaller company? Where you might not be able to have this as a separate role?
  • Why is there a target on successrate? Wouldn’t you rather steer on the business result instead?
  • Amazing job!
  • Lot’s of nice process improvements to get more velocity and clarity. But what’s according to you the best process or structural improvement to get a client really on board /aligned?
  • Why not just putting his name on the reports so he can claims the success. But leaving him out of the whole process?
  • Do I understand correctly that your team decides which feature test creation will go to which sprint of the dev team? Does it mean that there are two prioritization sources for them? You and PO?
  • The OPM is a SCRUM master for your CRO program?

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