Keynote: How to get the best out of your marketing automation

19 Nov 2022
20:30 - 21:00
Keynote Room

Keynote: How to get the best out of your marketing automation

Kenda Macdonald – CEO @ Automation Ninjas Limited

1 minute video preview

Cynthia – Online Marketer, feedback through our #CH2022 attendee survey:

Loved the energy and great insights. This is a session I wish I could play back for my team, because I think everyone needs to hear this.



This is the link to the live notes of Kenda her talk

Questions asked by attendees through our #CH2022 app:

  • Great talk, do you teach to students in the same way? I would have loved that! ✌🏼
  • Do you have some examples of companies that have not ‘completely shit’ marketing automation flows?
  • Is my boyfriend not feeling any pain? Because he orders pretty much
  • What do you think about Lush’s website? They seem to create very relevant content and then propose their product. Is it a good one in your opinion?
  • Whats the ROI of this shitload of work?
  • Do you have great examples of a/b testing ‘not funnels’
  • Howto go about sectors that are very controlled like medicine or health

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