Keynote: All you need to know about framing

18 Nov 2022
17:00 - 17:30
Keynote Room

Keynote: All you need to know about framing

Sarah Gagestein – Framing Specialist @ Taalstrategie

1 minute video preview

Simone – Front-end developer, feedback through our #CH2022 attendee survey:

Very interesting, and a non-CRO talk from her viewpoint was great!



This is the link to the live notes of Sarah her talk

Questions asked by attendees through our #CH2022 app:

  • When does framing end up being a bias, in for example survey questions, and do you have any tips in preventing this?
  • Where is the ethical border of framing vs manipulation?
  • How would you recommend running (A/B) tests on framing? Is that test on copy only?
  • Clarity, simplicity, brevity, humanity. Four writing principles to live by. Is it about how people hear it or simply striving to write/communicate well?
  • The bad reputation of framing. As a psychology concept due to the word meaning something criminals do?
  • What did you notice that works best to get someone to act. Gain or loss aversion framing or something else?
  • Can you share a fun/exotic/weird example of framing that you admire? And why do you admire that example?
  • If everythinh is framed, then this presentation is framed too?
  • What would you do to enhance the Wikipedia question. (Also: I think that message is being tested all the time)
  • What research do you do, to get to know which (brain) connections people are making? So you know what they hear / read after you say / write something.
  • Stop saying what it’s not: how about transparant (product)reviews telling what problem it doesn’t solve?
  • How would you frame the antibiotic poster
  • How do you find associations to come up with other or right words to (re)frame? Any tools?
  • How would you frame reinsurance without mentioning indirectly something negative?
  • What kind of research do ypu do to find what the current frames are?
  • Is the book available in English, too?
  • Whats the worse framing mistake you’ve made?

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