Conversion Champions Tournament

18 Nov 2022
14:45 - 15:30
Keynote Room

Conversion Champions Tournament

In the #CH2022 weekend and the weeks following, we played the Conversion Champions Tournament. An experiment to stimulate new connections and the first interactions. A guide through the event, which became a fun, competitive exercise that continued in some people making friends (or enemies?) for life.

Pre-designed teams were able to collect points through:

  • Completing the assignments in the team captain’s gamebooks
  • Completing the special assignments given on each conference day
  • Completing the quizzes and special assignments after the conference

Closing of The Games

These were truly exceptional games. It’s time to disarm the flame because we are starting to focus on the Experimentation Culture Awards (case submission is now open until April 25th) and #CH2023. Thank you very much to everyone participating, which is more important than winning, even though not all team members will think so.

Ultimately, we must congratulate the team that got nicknamed “The competitive puppies”. They managed to get back on top after an exiting final of the Tournament. Their competitive intelligence skills sealed them the win.

Congrats to The Wolves Pack!

You are the first-ever winner of the Conversion Champions Tournament.

Final standings:

These are the final standings compared to the points and standings directly after the event (based on the gamebooks).

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