18/19/20 November 2016
Texel, the Netherlands

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Conference meets a multi-day festival

For the third time organizes a 48 hour social event about online optimization and fun at the Texel island, the Netherlands. Starting Friday November 18th (14:30) till Sunday November 20nd (14:30) 2016. Max. 200 attendees.

Topics: Analytics, Digital Marketing, Persuasion, Growth, Optimization and UX.

This is a fully English spoken conference! Last year and in 2014 we had attendees from the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and France. Both years the conference was sold out!

We would love to meet you in Texel again.

Ton Wesseling

Questions: Mail us at – Call: +3130-700-9779

Keynote speakers 2015

To listen to and to party with:

Oli Garder (CAN)

Landing page hero

Peep Laja (EST)

Founder ConversionXL

Chris Goward (CAN)

You should test that

Harry Brignull (UK)

Dark Patterns fighter

Yuri van Geest (NL)

Exponential growth

Talia Wolf (ISR)

Emotional design

Chris Stucchio (USA)

Math problem solver

Jorden Lentze (NL)

Conversions @ Google

Brent Dykes (USA)

Data storyteller

Greg Shapiro (USA / NL)

Cultural differences

Craig Sullivan (UK)

DJ & Optimiser

You? (EU)

Unconference speaker



A big thank you for the #CH2015 sponsors - you and them make this all happen!

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August 27th: all tickets are sold out! (yes, 3 months before the festival!)
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3 former keynote speakers tell you what they thought of the 2014 event

Some of the keynote speakers of 2014 bought a ticket to be an attendee this year!

How to get to the conference?

Route to Texel

Texel is an island, so you have to take the boat (with or without your car). The boat leaves from Den Helder. All ferry times and rates can be found at: If you take your car on the ferry (like most people do): the main conference hotel has free parking space!

I arrived at Texel without a car!

When you arrive at Texel, you can take a cab to the hotel or bus 28 and leave the bus at the stop called ‘Dorpsstraat’ in ‘De Koog’ (which is nearby the conference hotel(s)).

Route from airport

If you arrive at Amsterdam airport, you’ll need to take the train to Den Helder. From there you have to take the ferry to Texel. See “route to Texel” and “I arrived at Texel without a car!”.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is it difficult to come to Texel?

No, it isn’t. There are ferries going from Den Helder to Texel. Den Helder can be reached by public transport (train) very easily. All ferry times and rates can be found at:

What are 'twin rooms'?

Twin rooms have two separate beds and a large seating area.

What room will I get when I pay for my 'own room'?

You will get a normal hotel room with a 2-person bed for yourself.

Is it possible to sponsor this event?

Please send us an email: to get more information about sponsorships.

What is the exact location of the conference & hotels?

The conference will be held at Grand Hotel OpDuin, Ruijslaan 22, De Koog, Texel. This hotel is fully booked for the conference. Most attendees (120) will spend the night here.

We have 30 more single rooms in Hotel de Cooghen, which is 350 meters from the conference location. If you bought a ticket with a room in this hotel the address is: Dorpsstraat 10, De Koog, Texel.

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Questions: Mail us at – Call: +3130-700-9779