Stephen Pavlovich (UK)

Product Experimentation

Stephen Pavlovich (UK)

Product Experimentation


Conversion optimization and experimentation is focussing a lot on the digital marketing side of things. To turn more online visitors into buyers. But to get those users to spend and keep on spending money you will need a product that’s so good that marketing is hardly needed. We need better products. And to make better products we need to make better choices.

Isn’t Conversion Optimization the business of adding effectiveness to a company? Hopefully to add effectiveness to efficiency? Effectiveness is the outcome of making better choices and boy, do we humans fail at making better choices… this is why we run experiments. But mostly focussing on marketing and sales. Shouldn’t we use experimentation as a product development framework?

Stephen Pavlovich is here to take a deep dive into product experimentation. I’ve known Stephen quite a while now and have a deep respect on what he has build as agency founder in the UK. What we have in common, as many agency owners, is that we have a strong believe in what experimentation can bring to companies. Thank you for accepting this last minute keynote talk Stephen, replacing our common friend and also agency owner AndrĂ© Morys (who broke his knee…)

Tell them about product experimentation! Good luck,

Ton Wesseling

Founder & host of The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel


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Keynote: Using Experimentation To Drive Product

22 Nov 2019
14:25 - 14:55
Keynote Room