Keynote: Using Experimentation To Drive Product

22 Nov 2019
14:25 - 14:55
Keynote Room

Keynote: Using Experimentation To Drive Product

Stephen Pavlovich (UK)

5 minute video summary

Piet – Online Marketer, feedback through our #CH2019 attendee survey:

Easy going presentation with great practical advice. Nice way to start the weekend!



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Questions asked by attendees through our #CH2019 app:

  • How can you attribute the drop in Domino’s share to ‘cookie gate’ with certainty and why did this happen in March while it was a Christmas campaign?
  • Would you support Facebook’s adage “move fast and break things” to the full or add any safeguards. Who should way-in on those safeguards, if any?
  • How do you feel about Lean Startup which incorporates everything you are talking about?
  • Domino’s cookie decisions seems like a yellow door. So why didn’t they take it back (at least it doesn’t look like they did judging by the graph)?
  • What is the role of vision in product development? Can you test your way to a new design?
  • What are good ways to experiment when you work in a niche business and can’t get significant results within a week, because you have a small user base?
  • So basically experimenting is: “fake it till you make it?”
  • Why not let domino’s make the pizza? They already have the ingredients
  • How do you identify a winner.from a MVP test?
  • How do you tackle objections with custmers when you want to test feature/fake products and customer has doubts?
  • So many CRO specialist struggle to fight hippo culture and proof value of their work. The Domino’s example seems a simple way to prove value and ask for more investment / resourcing. Any advise?

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