#CH2021: Kevin Anderson

Formerly known as Product manager Experimentation @ ING

#CH2021: Kevin Anderson

Formerly known as Product manager Experimentation @ ING


One of the secrets of the experimentation industry is hidden in Boston at MIT. Each year the in-depth specialists of digital experimentation at Big Tech companies and universities mostly throughout the US come together to share the insights on the newest scientific papers they are working on.

I’ve been at MIT a couple of times and sadly it’s hard to bump into Europeans at that event, let alone fellow participants from the Netherlands, let alone fellow Dutchies presenting and working on scientific papers about digital experimentation. If I start counting it stops at 2. Both of them will be presenting this year at #CH2021!

One of those 2 people is Lukas Vermeer (mostly presenting about the in-depth statistical insights within experimentation), the other has already been a regular and valuable attendee of the #CH events: Kevin Anderson. His papers are not about statistical insights though – he is running his PhD on the adoption of experimentation: the impact on work, people and culture. This is also his day job challenge. He is the Product Manager Digital Analytics and Experimentation at ING. Yes, a bank. That must be boring you might say: no it’s not at all. It’s a challenge sometimes, but an interesting one.

Listen at our event to the work of ING on experimentation and the lesson’s of Kevin working on this. Their work and his thoughts go beyond experimentation in the digital channels and they have won the organization-wide Experimentation Culture Award 2021 for this. Everything can be validated – especially at an organisation like ING, but also – if they can do it: you can!

Great to have Kevin on our stage as closing keynote speaker!

Ton Wesseling

Founder & host of The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel


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