Keynote: Expedition Gold – Elis Ligtlee & Jan Roelfs

24 Nov 2019
11:20 - 12:20
Keynote Room

Keynote: Expedition Gold – Elis Ligtlee & Jan Roelfs

Elis Ligtlee (NL) & Jan Roelfs

5 minute video summary

Wouter – CRO Consultant, feedback through our #CH2019 attendee survey:

Just really inspiring story of Elis Ligtlee. Also credits to Jan Roelfs he was a good host! Great last talk to finish the conference.



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Questions asked by attendees through our #CH2019 app:

  • You had already won so many gold medals. What did the olympic medal mean to you?
  • How did you manage set backs when your aim was to win?
  • Has taking part in the TV programma Meer dan Goud helped you to accept what happened? That you were not alone in the pain and stress after winning a medal?
  • How do you look at the current track cycling nowadays, where the Dutch are very successful. Can you enjoy this?
  • How fast do you go during a race?
  • Would it be possible to ‘fall in love’ again? Just like in ‘romantic’ life?
  • As an ex top sporter, what are your goals nowadays? What’s the gold medal now?
  • The ending was a downer. can you look back in love at your long, long career?
  • Not a question – just sorry that you had to deal with the coach’s comments.
  • Has there been a moment when you looked back at the race that you were afraid you would not win?
  • What is the balance in suffering to reach your goal and having fun in what you do?
  • Did the coach ever told his side?
  • No question, just massive respect for sharing
  • Do you feel the fun of cycling was stolen from you? Or do you feel you made that decision yourself
  • Have you ever spoken to your coach about what he said? Does he know what he did?
  • Nobody here agrees with Bill Huck. You’re a champ and no hater can beat that!
  • Were you ever angry with the press for publishing the comment from your coach?

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