#CH2022: Jono Alderson & Arnout Hellemans

Performance rules

#CH2022: Jono Alderson & Arnout Hellemans

Performance rules
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While scheduling speakers in the summer of 2021 for our #CH2021 event I was talking to our loved and loyal Conversion Hotel attendee and promotor Arnout Hellemans. When talking to Arnout about potential #CH topics it always floats back to the basics. Why have a high-end keynote on how personalization potentially can be done with the new AI models from Google when most companies are not even having the basics right?

Arnout convinced me that we needed a performance talk in the line-up that year. Perfomance is overlooked, while it’s an amazing low hanging fruit. While discussing this topic the name of Jono Alderson was dropped as a potential expert speaker. We have had Jono before as a speaker at our Conversion Hotel 2016 event and I liked his high energy pace of dropping a lot of knowledge which really inspired the attendees back then. Almost similar to the way Arnout presents himself.

And then it happened: I had this vision of Arnout and Jono together on stage to rapid fire insights and learnings about performance as the wake-up now session on Saturday 10am (so people can deep dive in this in the unconference sessions on Saturday afternoon). To me this sounds like a magical high energy and chaotic combination on stage – something special like we love at Conversion Hotel.

Unfortunately, Jono could not make the 2021 dates so Arnout was going to take up this challenge himself and then he contracted Covid a few days before the event… No Arnout, no Jono on our 2021 stage… but of course the vision is still there and this year we are striving to make it happen.

Amazing to have you both on stage Jono and Arnout – looking forward to this talk. Wake us up!

Ton Wesseling

Founder & host of The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel