Keynote: A look into the future of Data Governance

22 Nov 2019
17:00 - 17:30
Keynote Room

Keynote: A look into the future of Data Governance

Aurélie Pols (EU)

5 minute video summary

Marten – Digital Strategist & UX Marketer, feedback through our #CH2019 attendee survey:

I think she rocked this hard to explain talk!



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Questions asked by attendees through our #CH2019 app:

  • GDPR restrict s cross referencing data with societal Fall out (recent case elderly people living in poverty not knowing they can get more governmental money) Your view?
  • How to compete on protecting on personal data protection if you can’t measure conversion as well as the competition when applying the cookie wall?
  • Can we do A/B testing under legitimate interest or should companies ask for consent? (creating non-random groups)
  • Is there a future of professional codes of ethics and professional/individual liability for data workers?
  • What is your take on personalisation and machine learning versus privacy and the protection of the customer from manipulation and emotional blackmail (exploiting people in weak situations)
  • Is it worth investing time and money in GDPR legislation for smaller companies when their risk of being prosecuted is also lower?
  • Are we allowed to store all the user data forever once consent is given?
  • Does differential privacy have a sustainable future?
  • Can we not invent a dataset which is untraceable for other to a person but not to the user itself like for example blockchain (or another technique)
  • Isn’t governance much to slow? When they try to set rules for the big tech companies, they are always late
  • Can law makers keep up with tech innovation in regards to privacy?
  • What is your view on customer responsibility? Like in food, you can make unhealthy food, within guidelines, but it’s the user’s responsibility and choice to eat it.
  • How do you suggest to approach layers that complicate a lot the user experience, don’t considering how to communicate consents?
  • What would be more valuable? Setting rules for companies? Or creating more awareness by the customers?
  • Do you think good data governance and transparency towards the customer could be used for new business development?
  • How to create the cumbaya or level playing field?

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