Keynote: Authentic Intelligence

23 Nov 2019
20:45 - 21:30
Keynote Room

Keynote: Authentic Intelligence

Elke Geraerts (BE)

5 minute video summary

Ruben – E-Commerce Consultant, feedback through our #CH2019 attendee survey:

Very well structured talk. Definitely booking her for our next event.



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Questions asked by attendees through our #CH2019 app:

  • Hi Elke, i nowadays try to change paths. By just changing simple things. Like walking a walking round the other way. It helpt i think. Any other suggestions?
  • Is what you describe also known as NLP?
  • Hi Elke, What tips do you have for growth mindset people interacting with fixed mindset folks?
  • When you change you patterns again and again, is there a chance your Brain is depleted earlier, and so you have less ‘brainpower’ for creative stuff?
  • How can you recruit people with a growth mindset?
  • Aren’t we trying to feed the chimp with CRO? What’s you’re opinion on this?
  • A growth mindset is about saying yes to experiences outside our comfort zone, right? So how can we prevent stimulating the fixed mindset by feeding the human in you?
  • If you want to kill this elephant, you need to start with that task early. What to do with meetings in the morning? Just skip them all?
  • If you have to have 2 hrs of meetings a day ? When is the best time
  • Wat does creativity do when your working on an open workflow
  • What to do if those e-mail guys complain when you walk by instead of e-mailing?
  • How do you create a culture of feedback? Is that the way to having a team of growth mindset people?
  • When is it good to feed the chimp?
  • You talk about changing your brain, but does free will exist?
  • Does your theory explain why Kasparov stopped playing chess. He could not be the best anymore because the computer beat him on his game

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