Virtual: Feb. 11, 2021: Unconference

Attendees become speakers

Virtual: Feb. 11, 2021: Unconference

Attendees become speakers


One of the magic parts of the real-life Conversion Hotel event is the unconference part of the event. For a couple of hours on the first and the second day, we open up 10 different locations throughout the conference hotel for smaller and more in-depth sessions. From presentations to panel discussions, from round-table sessions to demo-sessions and fun activities. This is where the attendees become speakers.

In this virtual year of #CH2020 we scheduled the unconference sessions as 2 separate afternoon events (local European time) on February 11th and on June 24th. Each afternoon will have a lot of round table and network time and 3 rounds of unconference sessions.

Detailed Schedule of February 11th: (all times in CET, which is the Amsterdam / Berlin / Paris timezone)

  • 2.00 pm start / login
  • 2.15 pm [central] welcome session / explaining the topics
  • 2.25 pm [decentral] roundtable sessions round 1
  • 2.50 pm [central] break
  • 3.00 pm [central] panel discussion: tips/tricks/knowhow of being an in-house marketer
  • 3.25 pm [decentral] roundtable sessions round 2
  • 3.50 pm [central] break
  • 4.00 pm [central] presentation: 6 important lessons we learned during our first 100 experiments at Videoland
  • 4.25 pm [decentral] roundtable sessions round 3
  • 4.50 pm [central] quiz with prices & thank you
  • 5.00 pm [decentral] after chat in the lobby
  • 6.00 pm platform will close

The lobby has 8 round-tables with fixed topics:

  1. CRO culture
  2. Prioritization in optimization
  3. How to get the most value from all your research efforts?
  4. How to speed up your processes using automation
  5. Using data for CRO
  6. GA4
  7. Dishwasher discussion & everything else that can be optimized
  8. Mental health survival tips during lock-down

The lobby is completed with tables 9 to 12 which are tables without a fixed topic.

Feel free to take your role as host of one of the 12 tables.

Enjoy this unconference afternoon!

Ton Wesseling

Founder & host of The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel

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Unconference sessions round 1

11 Feb 2021
14:25 - 14:50
Break-out rooms & virtual lobby

Unconference sessions round 2

11 Feb 2021
15:25 - 15:50
Break-out rooms & virtual lobby

Unconference sessions round 3

11 Feb 2021
16:25 - 16:50
Break-out rooms & virtual lobby