Virtual: May 27, 2021: Tim Ash

The Primal Brain

Virtual: May 27, 2021: Tim Ash

The Primal Brain


Tim has been a household name in the Conversion Optimization industry for many years now. You may know him from the Conversion Conferences (which became Digital Growth Unleashed) or his book on Landing Page Optimization. Maybe you even know him from back in 2014 when he keynoted in the Netherlands, even before the first Conversion Hotel event, at the lovely Castle in Haarzuilens (that was surely a great event :-).

Tim recently wrote a new book: “Unleash Your Primal Brain: Demystifying how we think and why we act” and this is exactly why I invited him to become the next keynote speaker at this virtual of events from the Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel. As optimizers we love to learn about how tapping the unconscious can move people to action.

Once you understand brain evolution, many of our decisions will become easily predictable. To a scary degree, we are walking robots with knee-jerk responses, and not the rational geniuses with free will that we like to imagine. This is a fascinating topic from an optimizer, an ethical and a world perspective.

In this keynote, Tim will teach us strategies for influencing the primitive and irrational parts of the brain that are really in charge of our actions. You’ll learn how to tap universal motivations and automatic responses to deliver your marketing message with the right impact. You will walk away with a new perspective on the brain, and several durable and practical strategies for ethically influencing your audience.

I’m looking forward to this session and all I can say is that only an illogical person would miss this session :-)

Ton Wesseling

Founder & host of The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel

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Keynote: The Primal Brain + attendee Q&A

27 May 2021
16:05 - 16:55
Virtual keynote room