Virtual: Mar. 18, 2021: Peep Laja

Differentiation strategy

Virtual: Mar. 18, 2021: Peep Laja

Differentiation strategy


After our #CH2020 kick-off session on November 20th, we asked our attendees what topics they would like to have for the upcoming keynotes. The struggle that was mentioned a lot is that we as optimizers seem to focus a lot a short-term KPI’s. More sign-ups, more leads, more transactions. We are trying to persuade users to complete a specific task. Is this the best solution to maximize customer lifetime value? How to work on this long-term KPI?

This is the field where Peep Laja has been focussing on for the last 2 years. We all know him as a conversion optimizer and blogger and the front-men of the CXL (institute) and events. Nowadays he is the CEO of Wynter, a panel-based feedback tool that helps you get to the right message/customer fit. He has learned that being a brand with the right differentiation strategy is really important in optimizing your long-term KPI’s.

His recent presentations reminded me of a quote that was once given by Seth Godin when he explained the difference between a brand and a logo:

“If Nike would open up a hotel – you can already imagine how it would look like – because they are a brand”

“If Hyatt would design a shoe, or open up a shoe store – you can not imagine how it would look like – because they are a logo”

A brand attracts and converts and most importantly, creates loyal users. Optimizers always seem to be a bit afraid of the “brand police” and see them as something in their way when optimizing. Of course, you can make short wins when communicating outside of the brand guidelines, but will it lead to long-term results?

I’m happy that Peep accepted to share his lessons on optimizing brands with this differentiation strategy keynote. Looking forward to it!

Ton Wesseling

Founder & host of The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel

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Keynote: Differentiation strategy + attendee Q&A

18 Mar 2021
16:05 - 16:55
Virtual keynote room