Yuri van Geest – Exponential organizations

20 Nov 2015
20:45 - 21:30

Yuri van Geest – Exponential organizations

We are just optimizing the digital communication of companies – what about real scale? What is needed to be an exponential organization?
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Summary Yuri van Geest

Bullet point summary by Theo van der Zee:

  • The modern technology wave is similar to the change from analog to digital photography.
  • Google DeepMind can look for patterns in all kinds of data such as text, photos, sound.
  • Sentient can ask questions and answer them himself, imagine the future possibilities and implications.
  • With block chain, for the first them ever, we are able to automate trust.
  • Today we are creating robots that can create complex robots themselves.
  • We move to a programmable, connected, decentralized, world of abundance.
  • Because of abundance, it’s no longer about ownership, it’s about access.
  • Software is eating the world, in all sectors.
  • A company in China is already able to 3D print houses now.


Slides Yuri van Geest


Sketchnote Yuri van Geest


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