Oli Gardner – Landing pages

20 Nov 2015
17:00 - 17:45

Oli Gardner – Landing pages

The Four Corners of Conversion – Understanding the Intersection of Copy, Design, Interaction & Psychology
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Summary Oli Gardner

Bullet point summary by Theo van der Zee:

  • Make sure your products and services can deliver well on what your marketing promotes.
  • Delight should be the default, not the exception of the customer experience of your users.
  • The effectiveness of your landing page is mainly determine by the order of your information.
  • Flipping your main and secondary headline can often increase clarity.
  • You can send traffic to: homepage, internal page, or landing page.
  • Never. Start. A. Landing. Page. Without. A. Dedicated. Landing. Page.
  • Often removing links from your landing pages can increase conversion rate.
  • Make sure you stand out; whatever stands out gets more attention.
  • When you make your buttons look like buttons, they get more clicks.
  • Putting stuff in close proximity to buttons might cost conversions.
  • Scroll jacking is terrible, because they make it hard to scroll.
  • ‘Because’ is the most persuasive word in the English language.
  • Button text: don’t use ‘free’, ‘my’ > ‘your’, action words, urgency.


Slides Oli Gardner


Sketchnote Oli Gardner


Short video interview Oli Gardner

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