Harry Brignull – Dark patterns

22 Nov 2015
10:45 - 11:15

Harry Brignull – Dark patterns

Dr. Harry Brignull is a PhD in Cognitive Science and founded the website DarkPattens.org – he will explain you when motivating users becomes misleading users.
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Summary Harry Brignull

Bullet point summary by Theo van der Zee:

  • Most tricks con artists use can only work when the victim isn’t aware; sharing increases awareness.
  • People spend as little attention to a page as possible; it’s what dark patterns are designed for.
  • Online up-sells are like supermarket managers silently are adding items to your shopping cart.
  • Most dark patterns work via the ‘easy in, difficult out’ pattern.
  • LinkedIn’s dark UX patterns recently attracted at 13 million fine.


Slides Harry Brignull


Sketchnote Harry Brignull


Short video interview Harry Brignull

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