Chris Stucchio – Data science

20 Nov 2015
16:00 - 16:45

Chris Stucchio – Data science

What’s this all about data science? Explain baysian statistics to me as a kid – what should I know?
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Summary Chris Stucchio

Bullet point summary by Theo van der Zee:

  • Until about half a year ago, almost all A/B testing tools were using T-tests to determine winners.
  • Frequentist statistics are often more difficult to explain that more modern statistical methods.
  • Bayesian statistics: change your prior assumption based on new evidence, to a posterior situation.
  • Conversion rates can be more accurately depicted as curves rather than discrete bars.
  • As your gather more data, your posterior value is getting closer to true data value.
  • Hypothesis testing was made for and by scientists, while CRO is more like trading.
  • Identify a value of caring – a CR drop so small that you don’t care about it.
  • Bayesian tests are insensitive to peeking – it’s fine to stop a test early.
  • Chance to beat control is actually that, the chance to beat the control.


Slides Chris Stucchio


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Short video interview Chris Stucchio

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