Brent Dykes – Data storytelling

21 Nov 2015
11:00 - 11:30

Brent Dykes – Data storytelling

Storytelling with data – that’s what you need for data driven impact!
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Summary Brent Dykes

Bullet point summary by Theo van der Zee:

  • Convincing us that telling a story beats merely informing informing stakeholders about the data.
  • Research shows: stories are much more memorable than any of the data points that we can share.
  • The path to Value: Data to Reporting to Analysis to decision to Action to Value.
  • Data Story telling combines data with emotions.
  • Narrative + Visual + Data leads to change.
  • Make sure you know your audience: goals, needs, seniority, etc.
  • Structure your analysis results as a story, and see your organization grow.
  • Use data to insert heroes into your customers; personas on steroids.
  • Try separating charts by ungrouping them; it layers the data.


Slides Brent Dykes


Sketchnote Brent Dykes


Short video interview Brent Dykes

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