Conversion Hotel 2017 overview

Links to all speaker summaries, slides, sketchnotes & videos. Thank you it was, again, awesome!

A big thank you to all 2017 attendees, speakers, sponsors, the staff of both Hotels, the camera team (Piet!), the sound guy (Sijbrand!), the sketchnoter (Tim!), the DJ and theme song creator (Tobi!), the piano lady (Judith!) and of course the whole Online Dialogue team (organizing and live notes!). All together we created an awesome weekend at Texel with lots of conversion, optimization, analytics, UX, storytelling and life knowledge combined with lots of social time and having fun. We were told that this event changed the perception of many on what they are doing in their daily lives and work. This is something really special and exactly the core of what’s driving us to keep on doing this.

We already started working on #CH2018 – November 16 – 17 – 18, 2018 at Texel, Hotel OpDuin & Hotel Greenside. And yes we will keep on optimizing, while maintaining the unique quality and special vibe.

Conversion Hotel 2017 NPS score +71
The average score of all attendees on a 1 to 5 scale was 4.63

Thank you all! See you next year!


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This year Conversion Hotel had a Net Promoter Score of +71!


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